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Here we will study space science based on school knowledge of physics and mathematics

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Astronomy club has three level groups: Junior, Middle and Senior.




Here we will consider a basic theory that sometimes resonates with a school science course. We will talk about the structure of the solar system, the universe, various astronomical phenomena. Let's consider the initial Olympiad problems and the mathematics necessary for them.



This one will have more of a mathematical component. In addition to a basic introduction to the astronomy course, we will look in detail at the application of high school geometry and elementary physics in the space sciences: from terrestrial observations of the stars and the solar system to elements of galactic and extragalactic astronomy.



Children who already have a certain base of physics and mathematics are expected to face more serious Olympiad problems on celestial mechanics, planimetry and spherical trigonometry, the structure of the planets, and the vision of star systems and galaxies.