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Circle of mathematics, programming and astronomy
5-9 grades

Who we're

and what we do

We are a group of pupils and students who, using their own experience, teach middle school children mathematics, programming, and astronomy. Our circle was founded in 2016 with the primary goal of teaching those who have a desire to think outside the box, which is why we have:


An individual approach to everyone

Each child has their own pace of work and level of knowledge, and therefore, in addition to general advice and problem analysis, teachers pay a lot of attention to one-on-one communication with children.


Education lasts the whole year

After all, one of the features of our project is the active communication of children with teachers via messengers while training between classes.


We teach children to think

And not just to use other people's ideas and formulas. That is why the emphasis is on independent learning and the process of "inventing something new."


From students and high school students

Among our teachers are prize-winners and winners of many Olympiads of various levels, organizers, juries of Olympiad competitions and summer camps, and authors of problems - people who can and want to share their knowledge.

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