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We solve logic problems and learn to think

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the circle

For 6+ years, we have been conducting Olympiad mathematics classes for middle school students. Active members of our circle have quite impressive results in Olympiad competitions of various levels - see the page Our Olympiad achievements.

5-6 grades

We invite everyone from these classes to join us and try their hand at Olympiad and logic problems. Topics include constructs, math games, algorithmic problems, equations, combinatorics, proofs, graphs, and much more... Develop your logic skills! 😊

7 grade

It is a transitional class between beginners and already young gurus of Olympiad math. Students are expected to know algebraic transformations, equations, and basic combinatorics concepts. However, some topics from the 6th grade will be reviewed again. The problems are more complicated, but almost all are of the Olympiad style. Among the issues: GCD & LCM, estimation + example, beginning geometry, mathematical induction, graph theory, inequalities,... It gets more interesting! 🧐

8 grade

This year, the 8th-grade groups are open by invitation only. At this level, we are already working with students who are immersed in math Olympiads and have several years of relevant experience behind them. Topics include combinatorial geometry, a lot of number theory, geometry (inscribed angles, triangle similarities), polynomials, and many combinatorics for experienced Olympiad participants. 😎