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Payment is considered valid under the following conditions:

  1. The participant is on the invitation lists for the current academic period.
  2. The participant attended a trial class for the selected courses.

Payment for the selected lesson package is made in full. You can track payment status on groups page.

🎲 To learn more about paying for a Mathematical Statistics and Probability Theory course, please visit page.

Public offer and Rules of conduct of the group

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Free places and discounts

We gave kvantagrants (free places) for the most diligent students of 6-8 grade.

  1. Attend mathematics classes of the circle in the last semester.
  2. Regularly do homework and complete class problems.
  3. It is good to pass the exam at the end of the last academic period.

Decision on granting grants are made by the team of teachers and project organizers.

Discounts are available for new members:

For 5 grade students

Students of 5th grade are engaged at a cost "for Kvanta students".

For participants not from Kyiv

Participants who are not from Kyiv are engaged at a cost "for Kvanta students".

Additional discounts:

For brothers and sisters in a circle

For siblings who are attending our classes together: 20% (for each child).

* In case of questions about discounts, please, feel free to contact us.